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Apr 14 '11

Ripples @ Sydney Wharf

By David Shen

Ripples Sydney Wharf
Wharf 9
56 Pirrama Road
02 9571 1999

What better way to kick off our food journey than with Ripples @ Sydney Wharf? (If you’re in a rush and want to skip to the tasty bits then never mind the next few hundred words and just scroll furiously down to the bold text)

"Ooh Colours"

I think looking for the actual restaurant took longer than the journey here as it’s quietly tucked away subtly at the end of one of the piers and a quick GPS check misguided me to a convenience store.

Ripples has been producing quality food since its recent establishment in 2009 (or so I’ve heard) and I decided to take the long trek all the way to Sydney Wharf from Surry Hills to see if it lives up to its’ hype.

Found it!

Found It!

The secluded location was a relief as the missus and I were celebrating our anniversary and a serene waterfront view on the dainty side of the harbour was more welcome and appropriate than the miniskirts, fluro pumps and testosterone that usually plagues a Saturday night.

Ripples Dining Area

Ripples Dining Area

The seating is quite cosy and from what I could see, was all set outdoors with a thick piece of plastic sheltering the dining area from any chill’s from spoiling the food.

Ah the food… Ok I’m going to say right here and now that albeit the short menu, the food (most) does indeed justify the hype. So yes, the rest is worth reading.

For nibbles & starters we ordered some gems. (I have no idea, they probably all are but these were amazing anyway!)

"Rosemary & olive cob w smoked eggplant puree & confit garlic butter"

"Seared scallops w truffled cauliflower puree & twice baked gruyere soufflé"

This certainly started well as the highlight of the food HAS to be the scallops for me, as it has been a long time since a mollusc of the family Pectinidae has made me smile and nod my head stupidly in approval while slowly chewing through with a sheepish grin. Seriously though, They. Are. Awesome. Oh, the bread and salad were good too :).

The starters did their jobs effectively and I was definitely started and raring to go at the mains. We ordered two of everyone’s barnyard favourite’s, a steak and duck leg.

"Char grilled pure angus scotch fillet, truffle creamed du puy lentils w speck & horseradish pomme dauphine

"… Chips. Yay"

The steak cut was fantastic, Medium rare and actually cooked as medium rare! A cheap steak at the local pub the day prior helped me appreciate this just a bit more. The steak rounded off a meal perfectly in my books and as a bonus, the lentils made sure I had my week/month’s worth of veggies. Went down well with a Peroni.

My significant other enjoyed the duck but I wasn’t the biggest fan as although the taste was pleasant enough, the meat was slightly stringy.

After the meal a stroll along the wharf and waters is a must (unless its raining/snowing/hailing) as the views at evening and the surroundings are truly worth investigating. 

Great if you’re into eerie ghost-y atmospheres

If you skipped here then I hate you for skipping my 500 word strong post, but here it is in summary:


Date nights with a bit of extra zing.

What to Order?

Scallops wrapped in bacon? Instant win. Why argue. Get them. Even if you are allergic to scallops.

Just don’t order the mocktails… a blend of golden circle juices a mocktail does not make.

How much will it cost?

$60-70 pp with 1 starter, 2 entrees, 2 mains, a juice and a Peroni.



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